Truck drivers accessories any driver would love to get.

A truck drivers accessories are as important to him/her as a log book, so why not make your truck driver accessories gift ideas.

8 gifts any trucker would love to get.

I thought I would share some gift ideas, where you pick them up just boils down to availability.


This is an important a tool or automotive accessory to any driver as you can get. Drivers spend so much time on the road a good quality pair of sunglasses are important. Especially in winter when the snow covered terrain can actually double the amount of light and glare thrown at a driver’s eyes

A good pair of work gloves and winter work gloves is vital. And more than one is awesome. Now don’t just pop off to your local store and pick up any old pair of cotton gloves. No, we’re talking strong sturdy cowhide cowboy style work gloves. Whether just pulling the fifth wheel pin or having to cage a busted brake pot. Good solid gloves are essential part of any truckers cab accessories.


A must have. Long days on the road spent in the sun, stuck behind a steering wheel for hours at a time. Not always a great place to be. So why not pick up a nice shower kit for your driver. You can even make one yourself for him and he’d appreciate it even more. Fill it with the good stuff, razor blades for his favorite face sword, a can of his favorite shave gel, a nice smelling cologne or after shave. A face towel is a nice idea. Even a pair of slip-on shower shoes.

  • Entertainment 

There is a need for this too. Often times when facing down times, whether it be for mandatory rest in the sleeper berth or waiting for a dock or arriving at your destination on a Sunday and they’re not unloading till Monday. How about a gaming console or even a handheld gaming device or a subscription to a game site even. A mobile satellite service is another great idea!

Yep, cooking tools. Now this is a great automotive accessory. Now I’m not thinking like a full set of pots and pans here. No, more like a crock pot or a hotplate and a pan or two. A mini fridge is another good one. Now trust me, because I’ll be the first to tell you, truck stop food ain’t always great. It’s expensive to eat on the road, so why not save some bucks by grabbing a few grocery items while out on the road and cook up a few meals for yourself, right? Any driver would love items like this.


Which is, if you’re not sure a plug in tool that converts truck’s 12v D.C. on board power supply to 120v A.C. just like in your house. Now yeah, I know what you’re thinking most new trucks already have that in the sleeper, don’t they. Some newer models do, but a lot of older models might not and besides even if his rig has it, there is always a need for one more plug in.

A good quality first aid kit is a must. One never knows when something can happen and a band aid just won’t cut it.

  • Home made accessory kit

Packed full of those things that are easily forgotten. Pain reliever, antacid, baby powder or athlete’s foot spray, deodorant, even a note pad and a couple of spare pens is super handy. Extra medication if you are on any. Whatever you can think of.
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I just thought…

That I’d share these ideas with you, because I remember way back 20 years ago, when I was green I never even thought of this stuff. I never even gave semi truck cab accessories a first though never mind a second. Some of these gifts would be awesome to someone just starting out his or her career too. And I guarantee it’ll put a huge smile on their face and he or she will appreciate it more than you think.

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