Truck Accessories – Why should I accessorize anyway?

Truck accessories say as much about you as they do about your chosen career path or the company you drive for. Sometimes we just want to make a statement to the world about who we are, and that we’re proud of our chosen profession. Sometimes a truck driver just want a few accessories and maybe a few trinkets or a pile of T-shirts that all have some kind of trucker saying on them. Whether you are a minimalist or a chrome cowboy you are in charge of where you work and live while on the road.

What if I’m a company driver?

Simple answer, It’s your work space and it’s where your going to be spending your time for the next week or two or even three, depending on your company or your desire to be behind the wheel that long. The biggest thing is going to be, how comfortable you want to be in your surroundings. When buying truck accessories you have to take stock of a few things but ultimately it’s your choice. You may not want a t.v. or video game system or maybe you want it all. If you can keep it in your truck because you have a dedicated truck then you can put it in there. I would suggest though to make it as portable as possible, just in case you switch companies or get a new truck or have to hop in a rental while your truck is being serviced or overhauled.

I don’t always drive the same truck. What about my accessories?

That’s where being a bit of a minimalist is a good idea. There’s no reason though, why you can’t have some toys too. You want creature comforts too right? You’re going to want to have accessories that are portable and maybe can fit into a duffle bag or two. But why not have a favorite 12v cooler or have a t.v. or satellite dish? Why not have the big C.B. rig and power mic? Nowadays things have shrunken and been made plug and play and so easy to move around there’s no reason why you can’t take it with you. If you find the right supplier you can buy truck accessories of just about any kind and have practically anything but the kitchen sink in your cab or sleeper even if you’re a slip seater.

I’m an owner operator – I like flashy truck accessories….

Then chrome it right out. It’s yours, do what ever you like, the sky’s the limit. (well…your budget is) In today’s

society you can have it however you want it. Chrome wheels, caps, fuel tanks, door trim, gauge clusters, knobs, switches….damn near anything. I’ll tell you what though, aftermarket is best as far as I’m concerned. There are so many brands now and so many possibilities you can pretty much get anything chromed. If you can think of it, it can probably be chromed. I swear to the asphalt Gods there is at least one specialty chrome shop in every major city all across North America.


I’m not flashy, I want to be comfortable.

Then there’s a market for that too. A lot of rigs now can either come fully equipped or not. You can custom order your sleeper to just about any configuration. However, manufacturer’s ideas are sometimes pretty limited as far as options go. Not always the most comfortable mattress, the C.B doesn’t mount where you like it, not enough storage for clothes. Not enough shelves for my t.v. and my DVD or satellite receiver.semi dash

So why not do it the way you want slowly over time? If you own your own truck, you want it your way, right? So make it that way. Whether you pick up a piece at the next truck stop or order something and have it shipped to home, then install it yourself later it doesn’t matter. The bottom line is you want it the way you want it, and that’s all there is to it.

The bottom yellow line…

It all boils down to you, the truck driver and what statement you want to make with your accessories or not say anything at all. It’s your work space and home away from home on wheels. Pick your poison, but in this writer’s opinion it all boils down to our choices and on how strongly you want to say hey I’m a flashy kinda guy/girl and I want to show it to the world or how strongly you want to say hey, you know what, I love what I do for a living but I really don’t need to preach it to the world.

However you choose to say it, stay proud driver. You are the backbone of this continent’s economy and for that we thank you, and from me, a salute. Thanks driver. Show off your pride.






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