So what are truck accessories anyway.

They are exactly what the words say, TRUCK ACCESSORIES, which is basically anything you want to add to your truck that wasn’t there to begin with. When decking out your big rig with accessories the only limitation is your imagination. It could be as simple as something little a cell phone holder or as extravagant as chrome headache racks or battery boxes or tanks. It could be a t.v. or it could be a hula girl dancing on the dash.

Where do I get them from?

Well that is entirely up to you. You could stop at every truck stop or travel center and pick up a piece here or there or you can custom order a piece online and get it shipped to you. You can even stop (if you have time) and go to a custom shop and get something made or pick a little number off the shelf.

Can I accessorize too much?

That is totally up to you. It’s about personal taste and personal flare. How much do you wanna say about yourself in your accessories. Do it up your way. If you like all kinds of tech gadgets on the inside of your rig or if you like to chrome it out on the outside. You can do both in moderation or you can go balls to the wall and have it all.

What’s out there for truck accessories anyway?

Pretty much anything you can think of my friend. Take a look at the trucks that are buzzing up and down the highways nowadays. You see them, you hear them, you take notice. Like I mean the possibilities or virtually endless. There’s so much for the interior like satellite dishes and receivers to C.B and amateur ham radio outfits to custom bunks with all the creature comforts of home.

How much is it gonna cost me?

Wallet with cash

That is totally your department. You can go cheap or you can go all in. Everything has a price but  the sametoken it doesn’t have to be expensive. Some dealers will offer discounts to veterans if you are one. Some have different product lines that are very similar in style but have maybe an option or two you can do without for less.

So it really is up to you.

Do what you want to do with your style. Its how you want to show your pride or how you want to show your into tech gear. It’s how you want extra pulling power. It’s how you want to be noticed when you’re traveling the highways and turn heads.

Just do what you want to do with style. Giver and get the job done and be safe out there.





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