Communications and security is a vital part of trucking so let’s talk about this.

Simple communications

29 LTD CHR Chrome Special Edition Classic Professional CB RadioNow, simple communications is vital for any driver. Whether it be for talking to other drivers to pass the time or for getting weather updates or to find out if the next inspection station is open or closed. Communications is essential and one of the leaders in this form of communications right from the outset has always been Cobra Electronics. Providing truckers and the general public with C.B. Radios since 1963 when Dynascan (the predecessor to Cobra electronics) engineers developed the world’s first citizens band (CB) radio, the Sidewinder, which was shortly followed by the Cobra.

Innovators in history

Drive Protected- Cobra Dash Cameras

Cobra Electronics started with humble beginnings back in the 1940’s

In 1948, Carl Korn founded Central Television Service Company to provide repair service for the fledgling television industry. The industry expanded so quickly that service equipment soon became outdated. Thus, Carl and his associates began designing, producing and marketing their own test equipment. Soon, B&K Electronics was born.

Eventually through the 1950 and 60’s B&K Electronics and several other companies joined forces to eventually become Dynascan. Then in the 1980’s after a huge boom in the electronics industry after the itroduction of cordless phones and radar detectors which led them to become recognized as leaders in innovation and made them a household name.

In 1993, the corporate name was formally changed from Dynascan to Cobra Electronics Corporation with the NASDAQ stock trading symbol of COBR.

Product lines

ALL NEW! Dual Channel Dash Cam for Double the Protection. The new CDR 895 D Dual Channel dash cam includes a 1080P front camera and a 720P rear camera.

Cobra’s product lines go beyond C.B. Radios as well. They have a full line of communications equipment as well as everything from radar detectors and power inverters to marine electronics and mobile navigation, which I will link to at the bottom of this post. Now, I remember back in the day when you would see a car or truck with a C.B. Radio in it and you would definitely be able to recognize if it were a Cobra right away. Their design just stood out, and they still do today with the Cobra emblem blazing proudly on every one of the products they sell.

The product line…

Save up to $100 on Cobra Digital Radar Detectors

Let’s have a look for ourselves at the full line of products Cobra Electronics has to offer. 

Click the links below to see the products.

WASPCAM™ ROX 9941 4K4K Action Camera

29 LTD CHR Chrome Special Edition Classic Professional CB Radio

RAD 450 Radar and Laser Detector

ADVENTURE HD 5210 HD Action Cam + WiFi


All New. Drive HD 1080P Full HD Dash Cam with Internal GPS and Bluetooth® Smart enabled iRadar® Alerts

29 LX MAX Smart CB Radio

This is just a sampling of what cobra has make sure to visit their website Cobra Electronics - Radar Detectors, GPS and More

Cobra Electronics

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